Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM): Proven to last the test of time, our hand-layered feldspathic porcelains are today's highest level of strength and esthetics with extremely low wear on opposing dentition. We use Willi Geller Creation and Vita porcelains. Willi Geller Creation and Vident are proven industry leaders in dental ceramics. Fabricated on highest quality High Noble and Noble alloys from Aurium Research.

Implants: We have many years of experience working with implant technology, and we are able to work with any implant system available. Our ingenuity and creativity allow us to work out the most interesting implant situations.

Porcelain Fused to Zirconia: Nearly indestructible zirconium oxide (metal free) copings with hand-layered Vita VM9 porcelains offer esthetics and versatility unmatched by any other system. Try our 3/4 zirconia with a layered porcelain face for the best in strength and esthetics.

Veneers, Layered Feldspathic: Our hand-layered feldspathic veneers offer esthetics that far exceed pressed and milled restorations. We use Vita VM9 porcelain with lateral layering techniques for lifelike incisal characterizations. Pressed veneers are also available.

IPS e.max Press (Lithium Disilicate): The preferred system for inlays and onlays, with the esthetics and versatility to make full crowns and veneers. Layered with e.max Ceram when optimum esthetics are desired.

Full Contour Zirconia:: The strongest metal-free restoration available, the full zirconia is quickly becoming one of the most popular crowns around. We offer the standard version (1000-1250 MPa average), recommended mainly for posterior restorations. We also offer a more translucent version that is more beautiful, but slightly lower strength (700 to 765 Mpa average). Also try our 3/4 Zirconia occlusal with a layered porcelain face for the best in strength and esthetics. All of our full contour zirconia restorations are finished with our usual unmatched precision and attention to detail that will save you precious chair time.

Captec or Goldtech Bio 2000:: The most esthetic porcelain to metal restorations, recommended in the anterior. Bio 2000 is 99.7% pure gold and has a very yellow color.

Full Gold Crowns, Inlays and Onlays: The most proven dental restoration of all time, available in High Noble and Noble alloys. We make them nicer than anyone, and we love to do them!

Custom Temporary: For a more beautiful and stronger temporary, try our custom PMMA restoration. Computer milled, then fine-tuned and polished by the finest technicians around, these will save you time, look better, and last longer that the average in-office temporary.